Food Product Labels

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Food Product Labels

Whether you need something simple on semigloss paper or something more extravagant leveraging premium stocks, we can assist you every step of the way. At New England Label we print and advise on a wide variety of labels for all types of retail food products.

What are you making?

Labels are a very important part of launching any new food product. How will the product be packaged? What temperature will the label be applied at? How will it be stored on the shelves or shipped to your customers? These are all things to think about when figuring out the right materials, adhesives, and finishing elements for your products.

At New England Label, we can assist with food product labels from “Soup to Nuts.” We print and advise on a wide variety of labels for:

  • sauces
  • syrups & honey
  • condiments
  • marinades and dressings
  • deli products
  • meats & cheeses
  • ice cream
  • snack foods
  • cocktail mixes & flavorings
  • other retail food products.
isolated package of pride of india indian brown basmati rice


Need an eye catching label to make your product stand out among the competition? Of course you do. We all know that many of the products we buy for the first time are strictly based on how cool or unique the label looks right? You’ve invested the time in developing your business, your recipe, and your relationships so be sure to do the same with your label. You’d be surprised how many food manufacturers save the labels until the end and are caught scrambling to get something done before a big launch.

Get in touch with us early

We can help you scramble if needed but we’d rather discuss options early so you can test out materials, adhesives, and various finishing options ahead of time. We want to ensure you and your team can be 100% satisfied with the end result and know that what you are putting on your container is going to represent your brand and your business the best. So let’s chat and learn more about what you need, what’s possible, and when you need it.